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Asphalt Shingle Limited Warranty Change Announcement


Atlas Roofing Corporation has been manufacturing top of the line fiberglass asphalt shingles for nearly 30 years. After nearly three decades of experience and innovation, along with our commitment to provide our customers with a competitive product in the marketplace, Atlas is proud to announce that the Pinnacle®, Pinnacle® HP, and StormMaster® LM product lines will carry a Lifetime Limited Warranty*, effective for product installed on or after February 1, 2011. These warranty changes also carry with them an upgraded Standard Premium Protection Limited Warranty, Upgraded Wind Speed Coverages, and Upgraded Wind Warranty Length. In addition, the Atlas GlassMaster® 3-tab product will increase to an unprecedented 30 Year Limited Warranty! Please reference the below chart for an outline of specific warranty changes:

Warranty Chart

Effective Date:
All Pinnacle®, Pinnacle® HP, and StormMaster® LM shingles installed on or after February 1, 2011 will carry the Lifetime Limited Warranty, despite product packaging or promotional literature markings.

All GlassMaster shingles installed on or after February 1, 2011 will carry the 30 year Limited Warranty, despite product packaging or promotional literature markings.

Geography Affected:
This warranty change is effective on all product types stated herein and installed in the United States and Canada on or after February 1, 2011.

Manufacturing and Product Improvements:
Atlas continues to invest in facility improvements and shingle technologies that have made a significant impact on the quality of our roofing materials. With extensive lab research on new sealant and asphalt blends in addition to ongoing customer feedback, Atlas has gone to great lengths to be able to provide a quality and lasting product. Specific improvements include:

  • Ongoing improvement to wind sealant technologies to enhance wind performance:
  • All shingles pass ASTM D3161 Class F 110 mph and D7158 Class H 150 mph, the highest ratings available.
  • Improvement of the laminating adhesive.
  • Asphalt blending controls to maintain consistencies in production and on the roof.
  • Manufacturing technology to ensure laminate shingles lay flat and install flatter.
  • Quality control upgrades to maintain product consistency.
  • Granule handling technology improvements increase color control and repeatability.
  • Glass fiber reinforcing mat technology improvements providing superior tear strength and production processing.
  • Packaging and palletizing design improvements to ensure product quality - as a direct result of feedback received by customers.

Product Packaging and Current Inventories:
This warranty change in and of itself will not create a DO NOT MIX situation. All existing inventory with out of date packaging will be depleted as new product packaging goes into production. The product packaging changes will be implemented over the course of 2011 and product certificates for contractors and homeowners are available for download through www.AtlasRoofing.com/Warranty.

Product Literature and Samples:
As with product packaging, existing literature and samples will be exhausted throughout the next several months. Changes to these items will be made as soon as possible and up-to-date materials will be available when existing inventories are depleted. Atlas web sites will be updated during the month of February so that our valued customers, roofing contractors, and consumers have up to date resources via the web.

The Atlas SBS Advantage:
Atlas offers a unique story in this new landscape of all lifetime laminate shingles. This story revolves around SBS shingle technology. As you navigate the industry changes taking place with regards to limited warranties, keep in mind that shingle performance is critical to both the longevity of a roof and your ability to get a premium for designer brands and high-end shingles. That is where StormMaster® LM and StormMaster® Slate come in. StormMaster®’s SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) asphalt construction ensures high performance and lasting durability. These superior shingles can be used in all areas of the country and have proven their stability in high impact and wind-driven rain tests. StormMaster® shingles carry a Class 4 Impact Resistance rating, which may reduce homeowners insurance premiums in some states. StormMaster® shingles offer a powerful story for differentiation in an increasingly commoditized roofing landscape.

Atlas Signature Select® Limited Warranty:
The Atlas Signature Select Roofing System Limited Warranty is also being upgraded to give both distributors and contractors a powerful story in the marketplace. Atlas maintains that roofing contractors do not need to “join the club” to have the opportunity to sell a premium warranty to their customers. We certify the roof, not the roofer and our system approach is a simple way to get a complete asphalt shingle roofing system from one manufacturer with great warranty coverage. This simple approach to selling a quality, complete roofing system, just got better. Roofing contractors can now offer homeowners up to 20 years of Premium Protection coverage on StormMaster® Slate and StormMaster® LM, up to 15 years on Pinnacle®, and up to 10 years on GlassMaster® by installing qualifying components. The Atlas Signature Select® Roofing System gives homeowners added peace of mind, while providing contractors with a simple way to elevate their sales pitch. Please refer to the Atlas Signature Select® Limited Warranty for all coverage and installation requirements and visit www.AtlasSignatureSelect.com for more details.


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